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Trusted Transmission Specialists in Pineville, NC

Engine transmissions are critical to powering your vehicle by upshifting and downshifting through the gears as you accelerate and slow down. Keeping your transmission well-maintained by periodically checking the fluid and changing it as your car’s manufacturer recommends is critical to ensuring the components last as long as possible. However, as the gears are under a lot of demand, parts of the transmission can begin to wear and fail as the miles add up. The team at AAMCO Pineville specializes in keeping your vehicle’s transmission in working order.

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How Is Your Vehicle’s Transmission?

Have you spoken to an auto technician about your vehicle’s transmission? Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is an excellent way to monitor the transmission’s condition. But it’s also critical to note any difference in how your car drives. Oil transmission leaks might leave noticeable stains under your vehicle, or you may smell burning oil while driving. If there are gear or cable issues, the vehicle might not shift properly when accelerating. Sometimes it may not shift at all.

Common Repairs for Engine Transmissions

Every vehicle is unique, and driving habits differ from one person to the next, so not everyone will experience the same transmission issues. However, common problems arise, and solutions are available to repair these. Even if your transmission is beyond repair, we offer complete rebuilds to keep you moving. Common repair and maintenance include:

  • Changing Transmission Fluid – Keeping your vehicle filled with the right type of clean transmission fluid is essential. It doesn’t need to be changed as frequently as the engine oil, but it shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Repairing Leaks – Worn gaskets, failed drain plugs, old hoses, or leaky transmission pans can all cause transmission fluid leaks which will reduce performance and lead to issues.
  • Gear Slippage – If the vehicle lurches or feels jerky when switching gears, there could be an issue with the cable or gear parts.

Multi-Point Transmission Inspections

When you visit us for transmission diagnostics and repair, we assure you that our trained technicians will perform quality work, and we’ll correct your vehicle’s issue before you leave our shop. We achieve this through a multi-point vehicle inspection that starts the minute the vehicle enters the garage. Our service techs will provide:

  • Inspection and Evaluation – Whether you have a check engine light on or notice a difference in performance, we will complete diagnostics, check fluid levels, and inspect each aspect of the transmission.
  • Road Test – If you describe how you feel your vehicle is operating differently or making odd noises, we will check for all of that as we perform a road test and gauge the general performance of the transmission.
  • In-Shop Follow-Up – After the road test, we will complete a comprehensive check on the engine’s idling, check for any fluid leaks, inspect the mounts, and determine any signs of transmission failure. At this time, we will offer repairs to solve the issue.

Bring Your Vehicle to the Transmission Experts

Transmission repair and rebuilds have always been a specialty of AAMCO Pineville in Pineville, NC. You can trust our team to provide a comprehensive inspection of your transmission for an accurate diagnosis and professional repairs that offer value to drivers and add life to the vehicle. Whenever you notice an issue with your car or truck, by either a visible sign or a dashboard warning light, it’s best to contact us for an appointment right away. Being proactive ensures you don’t run into more expensive repairs by putting it off. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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